Rioxx: The Research Outputs Metadata Schema

News from 2022

A previous blog post over the summer of 2022) reported that a v3.0 Release Candidate of Rioxx had been published. Publication of this candidate has stimulated additional feedback from the community and the Rioxx Governance Group (RGG) is therefore working hard to address this feedback, ahead of finalizing the publication of Rioxx v3.0. In the meantime, members of the RGG recently presented at The 3rd Workshop on Open Citations and Open Scholarly Metadata 2022 (WOOC2022) about Rioxx: Enhancing discovery and enriching the scholarly graph with the Research Outputs Metadata Schema (Rioxx).

The Rioxx Governance Group (RGG) is pleased to announce the publication of the v3.0 Release Candidat 1 of Rioxx: The Research Outputs Metadata Schema -- formerly known as the RIOXX Metadata Application Profile. Since July 2021, when the beta release of v3.0 was made available, the RGG has been working towards incorporating feedback from the repository and scholarly communications communities, and making adjustments to Rioxx to improve the way in which metadata are modelled.