The RIOXX Metadata Application Profile has been implemented in a number of systems. This page provides links to:

Software components

EPrints repository plugin

This plugin is funded and supported by Jisc. It adds the following functionality to an EPrints respository:

The plugin can be installed from the EPrints Bazaar. The source-code is available on GitHub.

DSpace (versions 3,4 or 5) repository patches

These patches are funded and supported by Jisc. They add the following functionality to a DSpace respository:

The patches are available on request by email to

Systems consuming RIOXX metadata

One Repo

The One Repo is a platform which “aims to make the entire open-access scholarly record available via a Web UI, embeddable widgets and various web-services, as well providing all of the metadata for direct download”.


CORE is a harvesting and aggregation system which offers “seamless access to millions of open access research papers” and provides value-added services from this aggregation.

Repositories providing RIOXX 2.0 metadata records via OAI-PMH

The validation checks report on 100 records harvested from a simple OAI-PMH request. Records are harvested where the record datestamp is more recent than 2015-02-01 (approximately when the RIOXX 2.0 profile was published).

As such, the checks are certainly not comprehensive but are intended to indicate issues with that particular repository’s generation of RIOXX records.

Validation is done in two stages - first a basic check for valid basic RIOXX syntax, and then a strict check for conformance to the full RCUK requirements.

67 Repositories

NameOAI-PMH Base URLSetSoftwareBasic RIOXX?Full RCUK?Report
Aston Publications Explorer 3.1.3Partial (11%)Invalid (0%)Report
BG Research Online 3Partial (30%)Partial (30%)Report
Birkbeck Institutional Research Online 3.0.3-rc-1Partial (95%)Invalid (0%)Report
Bournemouth University Research Online 3.2.2Partial (80%)Invalid (0%)Report
Canterbury Research and Theses Environment 3.2.3Partial (27%)Invalid (0%)Report
Central Archive at the University of Reading 3Partial (14%)Invalid (0%)Report
Central Lancashire Online Knowledge 3.3.7Partial (21%)Invalid (0%)Report
Central Research and Creativity Online 3.2.3Partial (27%)Invalid (0%)Report
City Research Online 3.2.3Partial (96%)Invalid (0%)Report
DSpace at Cardiff Met Partial (97%)Partial (95%)Report
ESC publication Partial (52%)Partial (1%)Report
Edge Hill Research Archive 3.2.3Partial (19%)Invalid (0%)Report
Enlighten 3.1.13Partial (90%)Invalid (0%)Report
Falmouth University Research Repository (FURR) Partial (54%)Invalid (0%)Report
Glyndŵr University Research Online Partial (59%)Invalid (0%)Report
Goldsmiths Research Online 3.2.3Partial (69%)Invalid (0%)Report
Greenwich Academic Literature Archive 3.2.3Partial (1%)Invalid (0%)Report
Heythrop College Publications 3.1.3Partial (43%)Invalid (0%)Report
Insight 3Partial (52%)Invalid (0%)Report
Institute of Cancer Research test repository Partial (67%)Invalid (0%)Report
Institutional Repository 3Valid! (100%)Invalid (0%)Report
Keele Research Repository Partial (93%)Partial (12%)Report
Kent Academic Repository 3.3.7Partial (81%)Invalid (0%)Report
Kingston University Research Repository 3.2.8Partial (3%)Invalid (0%)Report
LBS Research Online 3Partial (1%)Invalid (0%)Report
LJMU Research Online 3.3.12Partial (95%)Invalid (0%)Report
LSBU Research Open 3Partial (99%)Partial (5%)Report
LSHTM Research Online 3.2.7Partial (5%)Invalid (0%)Report
LSTM Online Archive 3.2.3Partial (30%)Invalid (0%)Report
Leeds Beckett University Repository 3.3Partial (93%)Invalid (0%)Report
London Met Repository Partial (61%)Invalid (0%)Report
Middlesex University Research Repository 3.3.12Partial (23%)Invalid (0%)Report
NECTAR 3..3Partial (10%)Invalid (0%)Report
Northumbria Research Link 3Partial (38%)Invalid (0%)Report
Nottingham eTheses (3%)Invalid (0%)Report
Online Research @ Cardiff 3.3.7Partial (12%)Invalid (0%)Report
Open Research Online (76%)Invalid (0%)Report
OpenDocs (Institute of Development Studies) 5.5Partial (98%)Partial (98%)Report
Queen Margaret University eResearch 3.1.3Partial (81%)Invalid (0%)Report
REF Compliance Checker Demonstrator Repository Valid! (100%)Valid! (100%)Report
ROAR at University of East London 3.3.8Partial (7%)Invalid (0%)Report
RVC Research Online 3Partial (3%)Invalid (0%)Report
RaY - Research at York St John 3.3.12Partial (12%)Invalid (0%)Report
Research Art Design Architecture Repository 3.2.3Partial (72%)Invalid (0%)Report
Research SPAce 3.3.10Partial (15%)Partial (3%)Report
SAS-SPACE (96%)Partial (1%)Report
SOAS Research Online 3.2.4Partial (50%)Invalid (0%)Report
STORE - Staffordshire Online Repository 3.3.10Partial (14%)Invalid (0%)Report
Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive 3.2.3Partial (75%)Invalid (0%)Report
St George's Online Research Archive 3.3.6Partial (77%)Partial (1%)Report
St Mary's University Open Research Archive 3.3.8Partial (65%)Invalid (0%)Report
Sunderland University Institutional Repository 3.2.3Partial (84%)Invalid (0%)Report
Sussex Research Online 3.2.3Partial (85%)Invalid (0%)Report
UWE Research Repository 3.3.6Partial (35%)Invalid (0%)Report
UWL Repository 3.2.2Partial (10%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Chichester EPrints Repository 3.3.12Partial (6%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Gloucestershire, Research Repository Partial (2%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Huddersfield Repository 3.2.2Valid! (100%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Liverpool Repository 3.3.10Partial (80%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Salford Institutional Repository 3.2.3Partial (14%)Invalid (0%)Report
University of Worcester Research and Publications 3.1.3Partial (44%)Invalid (0%)Report
Warwick Research Archives Portal Repository 3.2.4Partial (63%)Invalid (0%)Report
WestminsterResearch 3.2.3Partial (33%)Invalid (0%)Report
White Rose Research Online 3.3.10Valid! (100%)Invalid (0%)Report
e-Prints Soton 3.2Invalid (0%)Invalid (0%)Report
e-space at Manchester Metropolitan University 3Partial (3%)Invalid (0%)Report
Repos  Partial (%)Partial (%)Report

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